Friday, August 1, 2008

Where Oh Where Has My Summer Break Gone?

Two weeks from Monday I'll be back at school. Consensus among everyone I've talked to this summer is that the last two and a half months have blown by at a pace faster than ever before. Is it because we're getting older? We're busier now than we used to be? The Cubs AND White Sox being in first place in their divisions? Whatever the cause, I don't like it one little bit. I want the kind of summer break I remember as a kid, one that seemed to go on forever. One that was so long that by the first of August I was actually excited about the return to school.

Anyway, since I suddenly realize that my time as a temporary stay-at-home mom is quickly coming to an end, we're making the most of the next fourteen days, packing more fun and excitement into this span of time than we have all summer long. Here's a rundown of the OCH Activities Calendar for the next week or so. I'm showing you this now so I don't get any hate mail in case I'm too tired at the end of each day to post.

Friday, 8/1 - Meet my mom in Pontiac. She offered to watch the girls for us this weekend so The General and I could celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. I imagine a not-so-subtle warning along the lines of "You know I love your girls, but I don't think your dad and I can babysit three" will be thrown out as she drives away.

Saturday, 8/2 - The General plans to finish screening the porch (look for a post about the completion of The Project That Never Ends soon - hopefully) followed by a romantic evening which will include dinner, picking up portraits at JCPenney's, and a shopping trip to The Home Depot. You're jealous, I just know it.

Sunday, 8/3 - Happy Anniversary, honey! I'll be spending the night at my parents'.

Monday, 8/4 - The girls and I are meeting Mrs. MC, AL, and the cousin brigade at Miller Park for a picnic lunch and a day at the new splash park. This is the picture that accompanies Monday's forecast:

One would think taking nine children, ages seven months to twelve years, to an outdoor water feature with limited shade in 96 degree heat (with a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms - ACES!) wouldn't be the wisest move but we're rebels, baby. A little sweltering heat and humidity isn't going to hold us down.

Shortcake is also going to have her first sleepover with Elizabeth Taylor. Monday night will have been her fourth night sleeping away from home, the longest she's even not slept in her own bed. My bet is she's so exhausted from the day's fun she won't even notice.

Tuesday, 8/5 - My first official back to school duty, a county wide in-service for special ed staff. Boo, sob, spit, blech. The General is back on morning duty with Punkin while I'm gone. Afterwards, retrieve my oldest child.

Wednesday, 8/6 - A day of semi-rest. Start packing for the weekend. And nap. The General sees Shortcake for the first time since he left for work Friday.

Thursday, 8/7 - Play date with the crew from My Life with Dogs!

Friday, 8/8-Sunday, 8/10 - We'll drop off the girls at the Old El Paso that morning and then rendezvous at the MC Compound with the rest of The General's family (adults only!) where we'll depart for St. Louis. On the itinerary: The Arch, an Anheuser-Busch brewery tour, Union Station, and Laclede's Landing (including a evening at Big Bang, a dueling piano bar).

Monday, 8/11 - Collapse in exhaustion. Bury my head under my pillow when I think about all the laundry I have waiting for me. Rock in the corner while sucking my thumb when I realize in seven days I'll be back to work.

I have about an hour until Punkin wakes up from her nap, approximately two hours before we start heading South. I still need to pack up the car, and judging from what I've just put to print I think I better start pumping the Red Bull IV right now.


chief's wife said...

A piano bar?!?! I am insanely jealous. Will the night out with the General's family be as wild as Bridezilla's bachelorette party?

Anonymous said...

The Big Bang is great!! I have a souvenier t-shirt that says "Bang This" =) Ha Ha... Have a great week... We leave for Florida tomorrow night! Hugs from the Gibson City crew!


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