Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We Have An OCH Anniversary Quiz Winner!

First of all, thanks to all of you for your kind words in regards to our sixth wedding anniversary. Although we spent most of the day apart - me with the girls at my parents and him slaving away on the back porch - we still had a nice weekend together. We spend most of our days apart anyway given The General's work schedule, so why should our anniversary be any different, right? Some may say it's how we've survived this long in the first place.

Now, onto matters of the quiz. Thanks to all who participated - I had a great time reading through your answers and honestly was shocked about the things you remembered. Likewise, I was also shocked at some of the things certain people forgot. For example, my AuntieM forgot that her own daughter played the piano at our wedding, quite possibly one of the most integral parts of the entire ceremony. Hilarious!

Here are the results (in descending order for added theatrics):

7. Kate (aka Bridezilla) - 29 points
6. AuntieM - 36 points
5. Tina (the artist formerly known as Chief's Wife) - 49 points
4. Mr. and Mrs. MC - 45 points
3. Gramma Poke (aka my mom) - 49 points
2. AL - 58 points
1. THE GENERAL - 59 points

And what does The General receive for running away with the best score? He gets to stay married to me. And he doesn't have to sleep on the couch.

Truth be told, the prize was going to be a $10 gift certificate to The Home Depot, which is where we spent the better part of our first anniversary. We had bought our first home only a month before and that home improvement store was our Disney Land for the better part of the following year. Five years later, we spent a good portion of our date night on Saturday at The Home Depot once again, and The General was so confident he had won this contest that he said not to even bother to buy the gift card. I thought, "Cocky much?", but it turns out he was correct. AL gave him a very close last minute run for the money, but alas he prevailed. For those of you who may be prepared to argue his potential unfair advantage, I ask you this: Do you really think it would be a good thing for the results to have gone any other way? Because I'm thinking for the emotional balance of this household the results are exactly as they should be.

For those of you who are wondering where you went wrong, here are the answers:

1. Where did the wedding take place? (1 pt. for town, 1 pt. for church)

We were married in our hometown of Dwight, Illinois at St. Patrick's Catholic Church.

2. Where was the reception held? (1 pt. for town, 1 pt. for name of venue)

The reception was held at The Elk's Country Club in Pontiac, Illinois.

3. How many bridesmaids and groomsmen were in the wedding party? (2 pt.)

We each had seven attendants. Relish was also part of our wedding party as our flower girl.

4. Name them. (1 pt. for each member named correctly)

Bridesmaids: Alison, Jenny, Lori, Krissy, AL, Munchkin, Steph.
Groomsmen: Adam, Mr. MC, Doug, Poke, The Dunlap Brothers, Randy

5. Who were the Matron of Honor and Best Man? (1 pt. each)

Alison and Adam (a funny little story you might have missed: when I got to the front of the altar Alison came around to straighten my train like any good MOH would do. Not to be outdone, Adam walked behind The General, straightened the back of his jacket, and then slapped him on the butt).

6. What color were the bridesmaids' dresses? (1 pt., but a bonus point awarded for anyone who can name the specific color according to the dress manufacturer)

The dresses were a shade of purple called Victorian Lilac. Bridezilla and AL were the only ones who remembered!

7. A very exciting event took place in The General's family two weeks before the wedding. What was it?

Mr. and Mrs. MC welcomed Diesel into the world. He was born only a few days before The General's bachelor party and so Mr. MC missed out on all the fun. Neither The General nor Mr. MC have let this go. Also, Mrs. MC missed out on the entire reception and got out of reading at our wedding. BOTD has not forgiven her for that.

8. Who officiated the ceremony? (1 pt.)

Trick question - we had two officiants. Father Rickey and Reverend Ford both performed the ceremony.

9. During a prayer, the officiant called The General by the wrong name. What name did he use instead? (2 pt.)

Rev. Ford called The General "Dan" during the prayer, quickly covering up his mistake by saying, "It's okay, God knows". Gary apologized to us later, telling The General, "I've always gotten you boys mixed up!". My dad later referenced this slip up during his toast at the reception, saying "Maybe we should pass this mic around and introduce ourselves so Gary knows who everyone is". Classic.

10. Two people provided musical ambiance before and during the ceremony. What was their relation to the couple? (1 pt.) Also, name them. (1 pt. each)

My 1st cousin, Bridezilla, played piano and my third cousin, Shelby, sang.

11. True or False: The "first kiss" lasted more than 5 seconds. (1 pt.)


12. What color dresses did the MOB and MOG wear (that's Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom for those of you not down with wedding abbreviations)? (1 pt. each)

My mom wore a sage green dress, and Peggy wore a dress that was white. My mom instructed The General's mom that the role of the Mother of the Groom was to "wear beige and shut up" and Peggy's response was, "I'm wearing fushia, and you're gonna like it".

13. Within 20, how many people received invitations to the wedding and reception?

We invited approximately 500 people, the large majority of which was family. We had RSVPs for 382 guests.

14. We had two hosts and two hostesses coordinating the mayhem at the reception as guests arrived. Name them. (2 points for each couple)

Art and Ginger (The General's aunt and uncle who were also married on August 3rd) and my second parents Linda and Harlan served as hosts and hostesses.

15. What song did The General and Mrs. walk in to? (2 pt.)

Mr. Roboto by Styx. This song was an inside joke between The General and his best man from back in the days of JJC. The General originally wanted the theme to SportsCenter but our DJ wasn't able to get it.

16. True or False: The General and Mrs. smashed cake in each other's face at the cake cutting. (1 pt.)

Oh, you can bet this one is false. The General was given STRICT orders not to smash the cake in my face. He did, however, put some frosting on my nose. I think then he licked it off, but that memory is slightly fuzzy.

17. What was the main dish served? (4 pt.)

The main dish was Chicken Kiev. Clutch performance on this, AL. You were the only one who got this exactly right.

18. Was there pimento served in the corn? (1 pt.)

Yes, and didn't it add some lovely color? The reason this question was included is because, of all things, this was the one issue in which my mom and I nearly went to blows over. She insisted that pimento be added to the corn as a "splash of color" (and as The General said, "What? Is yellow no longer a color?"), and I thought that was just the most ridiculous things I had ever heard. I feared we would be known as the people who had the fun reception but served corn with weird red stuff in it. As a compromise, the Elk's event planner suggested we put pimento in the corn for our guests but assured me the bride and groom's corn would be pure and pimento free. Crisis averted.

19. What song did The General and Mrs. dance to for the first time as husband and wife? (2 pt.)

At Last by Etta James.

20. My friends from NIU made a very interesting first impression on many of our guests. Among their escapades that night included asking the priest to do a shot, charging the head table during the meal, nearly tackling me to the ground during the dollar dance, openly flirting with one of our friends in front of his fiance, and a very unfortunate slip (and subsequent peep show) on the dance floor. Man, I miss those girls. Anyway, how many of my friends from grad school were in attendance at the reception (not including any male designated drivers that accompanied them)? (2 pt.)

I had four friends from Northern there that night, and they were accompanied by one lone boyfriend. God bless his heart.

21. Two special performances were given at the reception: one by The Mrs. brother, Poke, and the other by her cousin, Kim. Name the two songs they so eloquently dedicated to the happy couple. (1 pt. each)

The standards - Poke sang "Baby Got Back" and Kim did a rousing "Nine to Five".

22. Following the reception, The General and Mrs. stopped for a late night snack at one of the fast food restaurants in town. Name it. (2 pt). BONUS: Because we were in our wedding attire we received a discount on our order. Give the percentage off the restaurant was willing to offer. (1 pt.)

We stopped at the Taco Bell drive-through and got 10% off our order. Hooray for saving 40 cents!

23. Where did The General and Mrs. spend their honeymoon? (1 pt.) BONUS: Three other couples accompanied us on our week long getaway. Name them (1 pt. each).

We vacationed in Table Rock Lake, Missouri (NOT Branson, according to The General) with Adam & Steph, Dan & Jill, and Jason & Steph.

24. Wedding gifts were opened the following day. Name the location where The General and Mrs. surveyed all their loot (the same location where The Mrs. had to explain a few registry items that The General had previously vetoed but somehow ended up on the list anyway). (1 pt.)

We opened gifts at The Old El Paso (my parent's house), and The General was none too pleased when he saw I had gone back to Target to register for multiple camping related items behind his back.

25. Extra credit! The General and Mrs. dated for awhile before they united in holy matrimony. How long were those crazy kids together before the Big Day? (5 pt.)

We dated for nine years. The General asked me out on the last day of school in May 1993, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Kelli said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!

tlk said...

Renee and I used At Last also. We didn't steal it from you guys, we stole it from Renee's grandpa. We stop everything to dance to it when it comes on no matter where we are. And I don't want to hear it from the general, we were unable to invite 500 people. Are grandma and grandpa poke rich or something?

The General said...

Oh now I see, we didn't get invited because you didn't want us to know that you stole "At Last" from our wedding...it all makes sense now.

tlk said...

For Pete's sake! It's my mother-in-law's fault. Please forgive me. You got to come to the bachelor party, that should be some consolation.

Anonymous said...

I demand a point. The question was specific, how many bridesmaids. Relish was the flowergirl thats another catagory. Gramma Poke

AuntieM said...

i am so embarrassed!!!! but i was on vacation and after 5 hours on the beach and 4 marguarita's later...(my limit is 2)..i am impressed i did as well as i did!!! also, now i do remember and i truly enjoyed listening to kate for hours practicing the wedding music on the piano,,i miss those days!!!!!!


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