Saturday, August 2, 2008

A OCH Anniversary Contest

Tomorrow is the day of The General and my sixth wedding anniversary. I believe the temperatures this weekend will rival that of our big day, a day in which I seem to be the only one in attendance who didn't notice the insanely high heat index. I was too hopped up on wedding day bliss (and perhaps a little too focused on my role as Bridezilla) to really notice. I didn't even think our 20 minute ride in a tricked out '53 Bell Aire with no air conditioning was that bad (I was also sitting in a dress with multiple layers of tulle, satin, beading and other wedding gown related fabrics, mind you). That's just how in love I was. It wasn't until the reception when I started to notice that the "new bride glow" was actually a heavy layer of perspiration, and I really understood what The General was complaining about when we got our wedding pictures back and one of my favorites shows every sweat bead on both of our noses and foreheads.

To help celebrate the day, I thought I'd throw together a little The General and Mrs. Tie The Knot Wedding Quiz. Here are the rules:

  • Read each question and submit your answers to
  • Answers may be submitted up until Monday, August 4th at 10 pm CST.
  • The person earning the highest number of points will win a prize related, in part, to how The General and The Mrs. spent their first anniversary.

I am fully aware that there is probably an unfair advantage to this quiz, given that many of you were either guests at our wedding or stood next to us as part of our wedding party. I apologize in advance to those of you willing to play who are coming in rather clueless in comparison, but don't let that discourage you! I also understand that some of the questions pertaining to the reception may be more difficult for some to answer given their, uh, "condition" as the night wore on. But then again, maybe you should have been thinking about the possibility of a pop quiz like this six years ago while you were enjoying the open bar. Either way, if you need assistance, scanning the archives of The Life and Times at One Carbon Hill may help you in your quest for victory.

Also, as a fair warning to all of you, I'm going to allow, no encourage, The General to participate in this quiz. I'm curious to see where he falls in the ranking...

1. Where did the wedding take place? (1 pt. for town, 1 pt. for church)

2. Where was the reception held? (1 pt. for town, 1 pt. for name of venue)

3. How many bridesmaids and groomsmen were in the wedding party? (2 pt.)

4. Name them. (1 pt. for each member named correctly)

5. Who were the Matron of Honor and Best Man? (1 pt. each)

6. What color were the bridesmaids' dresses? (1 pt., but a bonus point awarded for anyone who can name the specific color according to the dress manufacturer)

7. A very exciting event took place in The General's family two weeks before the wedding. What was it?

8. Who officiated the ceremony? (1 pt.)

9. During a prayer, the officiant called The General by the wrong name. What name did he use instead? (2 pt.)

10. Two people provided musical ambiance before and during the ceremony. What was their relation to the couple? (1 pt.) Also, name them. (1 pt. each)

11. True or False: The "first kiss" lasted more than 5 seconds. (1 pt.)

12. What color dresses did the MOB and MOG wear (that's Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom for those of you not down with wedding abbreviations)? (1 pt. each)

13. Within 20, how many people received invitations to the wedding and reception?

14. We had two hosts and two hostesses coordinating the mayhem at the reception as guests arrived. Name them. (2 points for each couple)

15. What song did The General and Mrs. walk in to? (2 pt.)

16. True or False: The General and Mrs. smashed cake in each other's face at the cake cutting. (1 pt.)

17. What was the main dish served? (4 pt.)

18. Was there pimento served in the corn? (1 pt.)

19. What song did The General and Mrs. dance to for the first time as husband and wife? (2 pt.)

20. My friends from NIU made a very interesting first impression on many of our guests. Among their escapades that night included asking the priest to do a shot, charging the head table during the meal, nearly tackling me to the ground during the dollar dance, openly flirting with one of our friends in front of his fiance, and a very unfortunate slip (and subsequent peep show) on the dance floor. Man, I miss those girls. Anyway, how many of my friends from grad school were in attendance at the reception (not including any male designated drivers that accompanied them)? (2 pt.)

21. Two special performances were given at the reception: one by The Mrs. brother, Poke, and the other by her cousin, Kim. Name the two songs they so eloquently dedicated to the happy couple. (1 pt. each)

22. Following the reception, The General and Mrs. stopped for a late night snack at one of the fast food restaurants in town. Name it. (2 pt). BONUS: Because we were in our wedding attire we received a discount on our order. Give the percentage off the restaurant was willing to offer. (1 pt.)

23. Where did The General and Mrs. spend their honeymoon? (1 pt.) BONUS: Three other couples accompanied us on our week long getaway. Name them (1 pt. each).

24. Wedding gifts were opened the following day. Name the location where The General and Mrs. surveyed all their loot (the same location where The Mrs. had to explain a few registry items that The General had previously vetoed but somehow ended up on the list anyway). (1 pt.

25. Extra credit! The General and Mrs. dated for awhile before they united in holy matrimony. How long were those crazy kids together before the Big Day? (5 pt.)

What a ride the last six years have been. Still to this day I'm blessed to say I've married my best friend, the person who makes me laugh, keeps me sane and puts up with my crap with only a limited amount of disgruntled mumblings under his breath. For that I am eternally grateful and thankful for you. Love you, babe!


Ross said...

You know they don't call it the "six year itch"

BIG BAD said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you. Have been studing your quiz. Will try and put a guess in later.


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