Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hoping Mary Lou Retton Doesn't Read This Blog

During a commercial break after watching the highlights of Sunday night's women's gymnastics team qualifying round:

"When are those oompa-loompas coming back on?"

They may be tiny, but my guess is the six women representing the United States in this year's Olympics would not find Shortcake's inquiry as hilarious as I did. From the mouth of babes...


mary lou retton said...

Don't worry, Shortcake. Back in my day they didn't have all of that orange spray-tan stuff to make the gymnasts look like Oompa Loopmas.

Parker said...

Ha ha ha!! Tim Bedore (for you Bob and Tom listeners) just referred to the gymnastics competition as a "midget throwing contest"! Has Shortcake been getting up early every morning and tuning in??


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