Friday, July 11, 2008

Sea Worthy

Last year I provided an in-depth look at some of the houses on Lake Bloomington. This year, while at the lake on the Fourth of July, something slightly different caught my eye and held my attention.

This is my brother's newest endeavor. He bought and completely reworked a 1960 Red Fish from the inside out - new upholstery, new paint job, new motor, new stereo. This is one sweet ride and without a doubt is the flashiest floating vessel on all of Lake Bloomington.

The one thing this boat is missing is an official name. There have been several thrown around - The Cari Ann (my mom's pick), Red Rocket (The General's initial suggestion), Kielbasa This and, the current front runner, The Floating Kielbasa. I will take credit for both kielbasa references, a nod to our Polish heritage. The latest entry in the "Name the Red Fish" contest came from Cari's dad - The Engagement Ring. Six years of dating without any serious signs of long-term commitment on Erik's part makes that name pretty darn perfect. Cari's reaction when she saw Erik laugh at the suggestion? I think she kicked him in the leg.

Erik's boss purchased a group of pathetic looking antique boats several months ago, one of them including Erik's. Over the past few months Bill has rehabbed several of the boats and had them on display at his house over the holiday weekend.

Nothing to pull the boat with? Oh, not to worry. Bill's got you covered in style.

It was quite the spectacle, all these classic boats sitting lakeside. We drove by the Hudson store three times last weekend where several not-yet-updated boats sit in the lot and every time there was at least one man checking out the merchandise. If Bill and Erik could just figure out how the run these boats on vegetable oil instead of gasoline they'd be a real deal for a summer getaway!


chief's wife said...

The Floating Kielbasa certainly is a great name! My vote is for that!

Tim Bedore said...


tlk said...

I can't decide if i like the south park reference for the name, or the bob and tom referance better. I think I have to go with the general on this one.

nancypants said...

Holy cow!! Those boats are all awesome!! I think I actually like "The Engagement Ring" the best! Too funny (you know... 'cause it's not me)! LOL


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