Monday, July 21, 2008

Homeschooling Is Looking Better All The Time

Punkin and I just got back home from dropping off Shortcake at her first night of Vacation Bible School, her first (and only) preschool-like experience to date. I didn't expect anything less, but she practically ran into the church, had to be reminded twice to wait for me to finish official business, and then took off on her own toward the designated classroom once we were all signed in. She looked back only once - and very briefly at that - before joining the other preschoolers in a coloring activity.

She would have been fine if I had just walked away. She wouldn't have wondered where I went or when I'd be back to pick her up. It was my own inability to let go that forced me to walk into the room to give her just one more hug, another word of encouragement, one last kiss on the head. And still, I walked back to the car with a lump in my throat.

Please tell me. If two hours of a week long church sponsored program has me this worked up, how in the world am I ever going to send her to kindergarten?


Parker said...

Do you remember your first day of Kindergarten? I wonder if it was as scary for our Mom's as it was for us? I think my mom might have shed of tear of joy...4 entire hours with no kids!! And, that lump in her throat...I think it was harboring a sigh of relief, not a sob!

Anonymous said...

Oh you are in trouble. First day of school is a tear-jerker. Gramma Poke

jen said...

I'll rearrange my schedule on the first day of school next year so we can have a boo-hoo party together. I'm thinking a cup of coffee and a large pastry at Julie's Java?? Peanut starts preschool in just over a month. Lucky me, I'll be able to take her for the first month since I"m on maternity leave... AH!


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