Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Four Must Be The Year Of The Dessert

I'm a firm believer in extended birthday celebrations, most notably for myself. You can ask The General - I'll use the "but it's my birthday week" line all I can in the seven days surrounding my birthday. My uncle, Keith, stretches the festivities even farther, celebrating his birthday month, but with my special day falling in December I know better than to expect anything more.

Apparently Shortcake is going to follow my lead in dragging out her birthday celebrations. Here's a quick run-through of her Fourth Birthday Extravaganza:

Saturday - Joint birthday party with her cousin, Diesel, who turns six on Friday. For her party Shortcake chose birthday cupcake cones as her cake.

Sunday - A day of rest.

Monday - Shortcake's actual birthday. We started the day with Shortcake's favorite breakfast - french toast - and presents. Later in the day we left Punkin home with a babysitter and Shortcake, The General and I spent some time at Home Depot, ate dinner out, watched Kung Fu Panda, and purchased our first official family pets.

This was Shortcake's first movie theater experience, and for most of the movie she sat on my lap and told me she wanted to go home. The fighting in the movie upset her, but she was into it by the end. She also picked out two Betta fish who have changed names at least twice since bringing them home. At last inquiry they had the monikers of Charlie Bucket and Violet Beauregard, two of the characters from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. At Applebee's Shortcake was treated to a complimentary hot fudge sundae. Through this experience we learned that Shortcake is not a fan of maraschino cherries.
Tuesday - My mom & dad and Erik & Cari came to our house for dinner. Shortcake also practiced her casting skills with her new princess fishing pole. It was a princess themed birthday for sure. Her dessert of choice last night was, fittingingly enough, strawberry shortcake.

All in all I think Shortcake had an awesome fourth birthday. She's already talking about birthday number five, but both The General and I are going to remain firmly in denial about her turning the age that makes her kindergarten eligible. Today we're spending the day at the pool and this weekend we have a family reunion and The General's annual trip to the Buffett concert, so I'm sure by next week we'll all collapse in a heap of exhaustion. Of course Vacation Bible School is on the calendar starting Monday so the activity train just keeps on rolling at One Carbon Hill.

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