Saturday, June 28, 2008

Master of This Domain

Less than thirty minutes after setting another trap last night, The General finally conquered over the evil rodent forces living under our porch. A special thanks to Homer Dud for the tip yesterday - hanging the brat made all the difference, I think. The General set another small trap, but the babies must have been frightened to emerge without Mama. I heard them rustling about quietly but the trap and brat were left untouched.

For as much torment as this raccoon has caused I couldn't help but feel sorry for her last night. She sat in the cage defeated, simply lying down and keeping her eyes on The General at all times. Nary a swipe, growl or hiss. Maybe it was my maternal instincts kicking in, somehow bonding with this vermin wondering what her babies would do without her, that made me a slightly distraught over her capture. Oh, the agony.

In other news, we also some crazy arachnid action last night. While taking pictures of our prisoner, The General pointed out to me the most gigantic spider either of us had ever seen crawling along the garage floor. It's black body was at least as big around as a nickel and probably a good inch thick. The General stepped on it, and I kid you not, at least fifty tiny insects scurried outward from the crushed host. It was like a scene right out of Resident Evil. Trippy, for sure.

At this point there's really no telling what excitement waits for us next. It's almost more than I can handle.


Milford said...

So what did we do with our prize catch? I'm glad my brother, Homer could be of help. Our younger brother Simon usually comes up with the good ideas, They call him
Silk. My name is Milford, they call me Milk. Homer never got a good nickname like we did.

zztopdog said...

Poor thing!

The General said...

Our prize catch now sleeps with the fishes.

tlk said...

No impaling as a warning to other varments to keep away?

BretCB said...

Congrats on getting the mama. Any plans for rounding up the kids, and maybe relocating the whole family en masse?

The General said...

Not going to take a page out of Vlad's book on this one TLK. But I do have one youngster down now. Only 3 more to go (I think).

The Mrs. said...

Who knew baby raccoons would be so darn cute. I'm not cut out for this.


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