Friday, June 27, 2008

Changing the World One Opinion at a Time

Last week I received an e-mail from Kerrie at The Minivan Soapbox. She has recently started a blog for the greater good, Reviews for Change, and asked if I would be interested in being part of a group of bloggers who would be asked to submit real life product reviews. Her mission through this blog is to pull honest opinions - for better or worse - to serve our fellow (wo)man. As she writes on the Review for Change "About Us" page:

Anyone can find a thousand reviews on a digital camera or laptop, our goal is to provide honest product & service reviews for every day items. Our
group of writers, pulled from the blogging community, takes the time to try old
and new products - and inform you of the results. No product is too small. If it worked for us - we'll let you know. In these hard times that many of us are facing - let us help you stretch those pennies.

I was excited and honored to be among those that Kerrie invited to join in her crusade, and my first official post is up today. Take a look around, but be warned male readers. I do make more than one reference to womanly body parts following child birth and the struggle that is trying to contain them in a swimsuit.

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